Degree choices after ISEFP

Students who attain exceptionally good grades may gain admission for a degree course in other high  ranking universities.  Please refer to the Destination Tables to see where past student have chosen to study.

However, the majority of students usually continue their undergraduate studies at Queen Mary, University of London. 

Students who successfully complete the ISEFP and meet the Progression Requirements,  may progress onto one the degree programmes listed below.

Please note that:

  • Some of these courses are not available at Queen Mary, University of London (Refer to for a list of universities which offer the course you may be interested in)
  • BSc/BEng courses are generally of 3-year duration (ie. 4 years, including the foundation year of the ISEFP)
  • MSci/MEng courses are generally of 4 year duration (ie. 5 years, including the foundation year of the ISEFP).
  • If your  degree choice is not listed below, please consult with Dr Cunnan prior to making an application for the ISEFP. 

Biological and Chemical Sciences

Programme name
BSc Biochemistry
BSc Biochemistry with Forensic Science
BSc Biochemistry with Microbiology
BSc Biodiversity and Conservation
BSc Biology
BSc Biology with Business Management
BSc Biology with Psychology
BSc Biomedical Sciences
BSc Chemistry
BSc Chemistry with Biochemistry
BSc Chemistry with Business Management
BSc Chemistry with Forensic Science
BSc Environmental Biology
BSc Evolutionary Biology
BSc Genetics
BSc Genetics with Microbiology
BSc Marine and Freshwater Biology
BSc Genetics
BSc Medical Genetics
BSc Molecular Biology
BSc Psychology
BSc Zoology
BSc Zoology with Aquatic Biology
MSci Programmes
MPharm  Pharmacy
MSci Pharmaceutical Chemistry
MSci Pharmaceutical Chemistry with a Year in Industry

Business Management

ISEFP graduates may progress to Joint Honours Business Management degrees such as Business Management and Finance, Statistics and Business Management.

Such courses have been listed in this appendix under the departments which offer the combination.

Computer Science

BSc Programmes
BSc/CS Computer Science
BSc/CSBM Computer Science with Business Management
BSc Computer Science and Web Technologies
BSc Business Computing
BSc Computer Science with Business Management and Accounting
MSci Programmes
Computer Science


BSc Economics and Finance
BSc Economics, Finance and Management
BSc Economics Mathematics and Statistics

Electronic Engineering

Programme name
BEng/ASE Audio Systems Engineering
BEng/CoE Computer Engineering
BEng/EEE Electrical & Electronic Engineering
BEng/EE Electronic Engineering
BEng/IE Internet Engineering
BEng/MST  Multimedia Systems Technology
BEng/Tel Telecommunications
Programme name
BSc/IT Information and Communication Technologies
BSc/ITBE Information and Communication Technologies in the Business Environment
BSc/IMD Interactive Media Design
Programme name
MEng/ComE Communication Engineering
MEng/CE Computer Engineering
MEng DAMSE Digital Audio and Music System Engineering
MEng/ECom e-Commerce Engineering
MEng/EE Electronic Engineering,
MEng/IC Internet Computing,
MEng/MST Multimedia System Technology


Aerospace Engineering
Programme name
BEng in Avionics
BEng in Aerospace Engineering
BEng Avionics and Space Systems
BEng Aerospace Engineering (three year; or four-year sandwich course) *
MEng in Aerospace Engineering

* A sandwich course has a period of time when the student will be employed for work experience.
Mechanical Engineering
Programme name
Beng/MechE in Mechanical Engineering 
Beng/MeE4 in Mechanical Engineering (three year; or four-year sandwich course)
Meng/Mech in Mechanical Engineering
Programme name
BScEng Engineering
BEng/ESc in Engineering Science
BScEng/EBS  Engineering Business Management
Medical Engineering
Programme name
BEng Medical Engineering
Other Degrees in Engineering
Programme name
BSc/CE Computer Aided Engineering
MDes  Design and Innovation
MEng/SpEng  Sports Engineering
Civil Engineering

Queen Mary does not offer this course.  Former students have gained places at UCL, City and Sheffield Universities.
Chemical Engineering

Queen Mary does not offer undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering. ISEFP graduates interested in this degree programme may apply to other universities. Former students have gained places at UCL and Sheffield University.

Environmental Science

Programme name
BSc/EvS in Environmental Science
BSc Environmental Science with Business Management
BSc/GEH in Geography with Environmental Hazards

Natural Sciences

BSc Natural Sciences

Materials Science

Programme name
BSc Materials Science and Engineering
BEng Biomedical Materials Science and Engineering
BEng Dental Materials
BEng Environmental Materials Technology
BEng Materials Science and Engineering
BEng Materials with Business
MEng Dental Materials
MEng Environmental Materials Technology
MEng Materials Science and Engineering
MEng Materials with Business
MEng Materials with Forensic Science

Mathematical Sciences

Three-year degrees
Programme Name
BSc/Math Mathematics
BSc/Pmat Pure Mathematics
BSc/MatC Mathematics & Computing
BSc/MatSta Mathematics & Statistics
BSc/MatStFE Mathematics, Statistics & Financial Economics
BSc/MBMF Mathematics, Business Management & Finance
BSc/MatStFin Mathematics with Finance and Accounting
BSc/MatBM Mathematics with Business Management
BSc Mathematics with Psychology
BSc Mathematics & Physics
Four-year degrees
Programme Name
MSci/Mat Mathematics
MSci/MatSt Mathematics with Statistics


Programme Name
BSc/PhyBS Physics with Business Management
BSc/MSci Astrophysics
BSc/MSci Physics
BSc/MSci Theoretical Physics
BSc Physics with Finance
BSc Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
BSc/MSci Physics with Particle Physics
BSc Physics with Computing